Monday, 5 March 2012

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Your Boat Gently Down- Exhibition in Sutton House

I was born in South Korea and have painted all my life. I studied Fine Art at university and since then, I have spent my time roughly 50:50 between England and Korea, such to the point that I feel like I live in two different worlds. To me, Korea is my Narnia. Then, when I'm in Korea, England is my Narnia, So I always miss the other side. I guess that's the reason why I paint windows and doors as metaphors. When you try to think about the other side, you can't remember quite clearly about what's there, so you visualize dream-like images.This dream-like other side is what everyone has in them, and is the reason why we go to cinemas, galleries, and concerts - because we want to dream. But why do people want to dream? Is it because dreams contain the truth? To me, painting is like writing a diary of dreams...


1996 BFA (Hons) from Hong-Ik University, Seoul.
1999 Group Exhibition, Highgate Fine Art
2000-2001 Group Exhibition, The Gallery, Stoke Newington
2001 BREEZE, Solo Exhibition, The Gallery, Stoke Newington
2001 Group Exhibition, CeskySperk a Design Gallery, Prague
2002 AFTER THE RAIN, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Pfo, Busan
2003 STILL HOUR, Solo Exhibition, Off Broadway Gallery, London
2004 Solo Exhibition, Siminhoegwan Gallery, Busan
2006 THERE IS A PLACE IN YOUR MIND, solo Exhibition, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan
2008 Solo Exhibition, Mono Gallery, Busan
2009 Solo Exhibition, Sutton House, London
2010 Solo Exhibition, Sutton House, London
2012 Obangsaek, Group Exhibition, Korean Cultural Centre
2013 Collaboration,  Group Exhibition, Korean Cultural Centre

Friday, 22 May 2009

Thursday, 23 April 2009

There is a place in your mind

My paintings are about the border place between real life and dreams.

I wanted to represent a somewhat indescribable, melancholy and nostalgic place in your mind; the kind of place where language or logic can't enter. These images combine a strange time and place, which makes you think about a specific moment.


Then & Before (sold), After the Rain